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Simplifies Requests for Holidays and Leave

With just a few clicks, the employee can fill out a form, specifying the title of the request, a detailed description of the reason (such as annual leave, personal leave, etc.), and the start and end dates of the absence.
After completing the form, clicking “Submit,” the request is recorded in the system and sent to the company's human resources department to be taken care of. 

This process ensures efficient and timely management, offering employees a direct and transparent way to organize their time off needs.

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Vacation Request: Transparency and Monitoring

The “Leave Request” section of GeniaHR provides an effective system for keeping track of all leave requests. Each request is recorded with key details such as start and end dates, type of absence, and employee name.

This system not only facilitates absence management for HR managers, but also gives employees a transparent and immediate view of the status of their requests.

Green for “Accepted” requests

Red for “Rejected” requests.

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