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Payroll Platform

GeniaHR is the platform that allows you to automate processes, from payroll slip to F24, in just one click.
An easier way to manage personnel, suitable for any company size.
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Employee Directory

GeniaHR transforms human resource management with an innovative, fully digital employee directory. Forget paper files and Excel spreadsheets: with GeniaHR, every piece of information about your employees is organized efficiently.
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The “Claim a Reimbursement” section of GeniaHR offers employees a direct and intuitive way to manage expenses incurred. Through a simple interface, you can fill out the reimbursement form by entering the title of the expense, a detailed description, and the amount spent. You can also attach documents such as invoices or receipts.
You fill out the form and submit your claim with one click. Your claim will be handled accurately and transparently!
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Vacations & Leave

GeniaHR simplifies the vacation and leave request process for each employee. With just a few clicks, the employee can fill out a form, specifying the title of the request, a detailed description of the reason (such as annual leave, personal leave, etc.), and the start and end dates of the absence.
This process ensures efficient and timely management, offering employees a direct and transparent way to organize their time off needs.
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Corporate Welfare

The corporate welfare section offers companies the opportunity to evaluate services, initiatives and plans aimed at improving the work quality of employees. GeniaHR provides the tools to identify needs and implement tailored welfare plans.
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GeniaHR handles all stages of recruiting for your company, making it easier and faster to find ideal candidates. Through the platform, you can manage every step of the process, from posting the job offer to selecting candidates and arranging interviews.
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