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Why EuroEtica

Integrated into our platform, this solution is designed to be easily adaptable and compliant with regulations, putting the professional at the center and ensuring excellent service for both them and their business clients.
EuroEtica stands out in the whistleblowing landscape for its innovation and attention to the specific needs of data protection professionals. 

Our new tool is designed to simplify and streamline the process of setting up whistleblowing systems for ADVOCATES AND DPO clients.

We set new standards in whistleblowing, with an ongoing commitment to efficiency and professionalism.

How It Works

Customized Registration

Begin by logging into our platform. This first step will allow you to explore and use all available features.

Template Creation

ADVOCATES AND DPOs can create customized templates, including reporting forms, categories, and specialized filters. These templates are designed to be easily implemented, ensuring a turnkey approach for each client.

Dedicated Promo Code

Each template will be associated with a unique Promo Code, recommending the use of the last name followed by two digits for easy identification (e.g., ‘Rossi11’).
Main Benefits

Our Purpose is To Deliver Excellence in Service and Execution

Autonomy and Privacy

LAWYERS AND DPOs can configure the platform for their clients without needing direct access to their systems, ensuring a high level of privacy and security.

Standardization and Customization

Each ADVOCATE AND DPO has the freedom to interpret the regulations according to their own standard, ensuring uniformity for their clients while maintaining ad hoc customization.

Time Efficiency

Significantly reduce the time spent in coordination with clients for access and configuration by having a system that can be configured in minutes.

Customer Ease of Use

By using the Promo Code during registration, customers can activate a pre-configured platform, eliminating the need for additional settings.

Bring Concepts to Life!

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