Applies the regulations in a simple way.

Why you need to use EuroEtica as your whistleblowing system

Choose EuroEtica for a whistleblowing system that emphasizes confidentiality, security, and ease of use. Our platform ensures anonymous, secure reporting, encouraging a transparent and accountable workplace culture. Prevent crises and protect your organization’s integrity with EuroEtica.

Simplified process

A report is made

You will receive an email notification. You will be able to enter the platform to view the case.

Simplified process

As a first step you should put change the status of the report to "processing," so the reporter understands that his request has been taken care of.

Further dialogue

If you need to ask more questions you can dialogue anonymously with the reporter by asking questions or asking to provide documents.

Informed Decision Making

Use sentiment data to inform business strategies and improve overall service quality.

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